Explore North Central Kansas

KANcycle is a great way to explore different places! If you’re visiting, showing guests around, or just want to be a tourist in your own town, check out some of these routes and local attractions.


Whether you’re a new student at Kansas Wesleyan, or you’re just in town for the weekend, you can use a KANcycle bike on some of these routes around Salina’s favorite sights and sounds.


Minneapolis provides a variety of recreational activities and sites, including the famous sandstone rock formation, Rock City. You can escape naturally when you visit, work or live in this area.


From cuisine to historical attractions, Concordia has a lot of offer. Explore the city on a bicycle and share your adventures with others.


Belleville sits at the crossroads of America. The downtown area is built around the Republic County Courthouse square which is the central attraction for several events during the year.


Mankato is a small community located in Jewell County. You can check out the old limestone sheriff’s office, the historic downtown or the well-known Buffalo Roam Steakhouse.


Discover Mitchell County and the Solomon Valley on a bicycle. There are several trails that you can explore, as well as many attractions within the city limits.


Lincoln, Kansas is the city “the size of a dime with the heart of a dollar” that you can explore on a bicycle. You can check out the Art Center, Historical Museum, and Courthouse just to name a few.


Ellsworth is nestled in the beautiful Smoky Hills and was once “The Wickedest Cattletown in Kansas.” Check out the sites on a bicycle instead of a horse.


Lindsborg offers big-city advantages with small-town amenities, and a strong sense of community while working together for a brighter tomorrow. Check out all of the Swedish sights and festivals on a bike.

It’s time to ride.