The Spoke Program

For Kansas communities interested in bike-sharing, KANcycle has an affiliate program, called Spokes.

Spokes receive financial and administrative services, marketing support, ongoing training, and technical assistance from KANcycle staff. Each Spoke is governed by its own local advisory board and works with people in their communities to support bike-sharing.

Why bikes?

Health:  Bike-sharing gives people more convenient opportunities to get physical activity, and also boosts mental health.  Bike share users report improved fitness, reduced stress, and improved mood.

Accessibility:  Bike-sharing can complement transit systems and give residents low-cost access to jobs and services.  Because it extends the range of those without access to a car, bike share can enhance the function of transit systems, and expand the number of destinations accessible to users.

Quality of Life:  More options for short trips around town means less road traffic and less air pollution.  Bike share also increases the visibility and popularity of cycling and acting living throughout a community.  Most bike share users use their own bikes more after using the bike share system.

Local Business:  Bike share brings new visitors to the community and provides new opportunities for residents.  Across the country, bike share users report spending more money ab businesses near bike share stations, and companies report increased sales after the installation of bike share.

Job Retention:  Today’s economy demands creative and talented people, and that workforce increasingly prefers vibrant communities with high-quality amenities and choices of transportation.  Bike-sharing helps local companies attract and retain the best and brightest talent.

Our Vision:

KANcycle will:
• Complement and integrate with North Central Kansas’s comprehensive transportation system
• Encourage the replacement of short car trips for recreational, social, and functional purposes
• Serve a broad spectrum of transportation users and needs
• Contribute to North Central Kansas becoming healthier and greener
• Advance the perception of cycling as a valuable mode of transportation.
• Solidify bike sharing as a modality option in Kansas’s transportation landscape.
• Maintain high levels of service, reliability, and safety while placing KANcycles in the right place at the right time.

For more information about becoming a Spoke of the KANcycle program, contact OCCK Transportation at 785.826.1583 or email KANcycle@occk.com.