KANcycle Bike Sharing Announces Bike Month Activities and Events

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Salina, KS – The month of May is National Bike Month, and KANcycle, a regional bike sharing program sponsored by OCCK and Blue Cross Blue Shield, is announcing activities and events taking place over the next few weeks.

KANcycle is partnering with Ad Astra Books & Coffee House, 141 N. Santa Fe, Salina, to offer a 10% discount to any patron riding a bicycle to location.  This discount starts May 1, 2022.  Bike racks are conveniently located outside the coffee house.

“KANcycle has been a great program for Salina and North Central Kansas,” said Michelle Griffin, Director of Mobility Management for the region.  “We are so excited to create this first partnership with Ad Astra Books & Coffee House.  We want to encourage mobility in all forms, and biking is a great way to do that.  We have a great line-up of Bike Month activities all month long.”

KANcycle regional bike sharing provides North Central Kansas, including Salina, Minneapolis, Concordia, Belleville, Mankato, Beloit, Lincoln, and Ellsworth, with convenient, affordable access to bicycles as an easy, fun, healthy and eco-friendly means of transportation and recreation.  OCCK, through a collaborative funding partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, brings you KANcycle powered by Movatic.

Riders join the program by signing up for annual memberships or pay-as-you-go.  Annual memberships will be $30 with trips under 1 hour being free, student annual memberships will be $20 with trips under 1 hour being free, and pay-as-you-go will be $1.50 every 30 minutes.

Movatic manages all aspects of its bike-share programs — from bikes and technology, to maintenance and fleet rebalancing. Riding KANcycle bike share is easy. Bikes can be found via the free Movatic Mobile App — available for iPhone and Android.  Each bike has a unique number which riders enter into the app to unlock the bike.  After the rider returns the bike to a designated Movatic bike station, the rental ends and the bike is available for the next person to enjoy.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, the state’s largest health insurer, helps to support KANcycle, as they do Bike Share ICT in Wichita. 

KANcycle will:

  • Complement and integrate with North Central Kansas’s comprehensive transportation system
  • Encourage the replacement of short car trips for recreational, social and functional purposes
  • Serve a broad spectrum of transportation users and needs
  • Contribute to North Central Kansas becoming healthier and more green
  • Advance the perception of cycling as a useful mode of transportation
  • Solidify bike sharing as a modality option in Kansas’s transportation landscape
  • Maintain high levels of service, reliability, and safety while placing KANcycles in the right place at the right time.

OCCK, Inc. provides services in north central Kansas to anyone with any type of long or short-term disability, starting as early as birth and following people through their whole lives.  OCCK provides an array of supports for success at home and in the community, including independent living skills and supports, employment and career training, Alzheimer’s supports, autism services, assistive technology, children’s services, transportation, specialized therapies, and home health care.

OCCK is committed to providing transportation services to the general public, seniors, and persons with disabilities, through a variety of programs, including a fixed route service in Salina, CityGo, a regional paratransit service that serves fourteen counties, non emergency medical transportation for people with Medicaid, as well as non emergency medical transportation for clients of Salina Regional Health Center, a regional fixed route service, 81 Connection, KANcycle – the regional bike sharing program, City of Abilene public transportation and the newest program, KanConnect.

For more information about OCCK, Inc., visit http://www.occk.com.  For more information about CityGo and OCCK Transportation, visit www.salinacitygo.com. Or, contact the OCCK Transportation Center at 785-826-1583.

For more information about KANcycle, visit www.kancycle.org

For more information about Ad Astra Books & Coffee House, visit their Facebook page.

For more information about Bike Month activities across the state of Kansas, visit http://www.ksrides.org.

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